Moving to Memphis!

Hey Friends!

Four years ago, I remember sitting at home trying to imagine what life would be like in Charlottesville, the home of the University of Virginia. The town Charlottesville seemed like a city compared to home and I wasn’t sure I was ready to be an urban woman, I mean most of my summer before college was spent building a barn and chasing goats around my cousin’s farm. Nevertheless, I was excited for the new adventure and all the opportunities Charlottesville would hold. My first year away at college was not glamorous. I missed home and my dorm with shared showers, bathrooms, and bedrooms, in Charlottesville did not seem like home at all. Now, I cannot believe it is all over! I am no longer the scared, culture shocked college student who thinks she knows everything, I am a woman who has realized how big the world is and how my time at UVa was only the tip of the iceberg in a vast world of knowledge. Charlottesville has truly become my home away from home. My last year was so incredibly bittersweet as I had to say difficult goodbye’s and see-you-later’s to friends who have become family.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but UVa is pretty competitive, on second thought “pretty” might not cut it, more like ruthlessly competitive. Throughout college I felt pressure to get fabulous grades, be involved in a million clubs, accomplish more community service projects than there are hours in the day, and only have the most prestigious internships. Although, I worked well under this pressure for four years, a void began to carve itself in my heart; a void of not knowing what I was going to do without the columns of support UVa provided me. My spring semester of my fourth year was no different and the pressure to find a job was palpable. So as I envisioned what would come after “walking the Lawn”—graduating, in UVa terms—I found myself facing some big and unexpected questions. I came to UVa with an eagerness to pursue pharmacy and each year I chipped away at the difficult science classes necessary to apply to pharmacy school. During my time at UVa, my devotion for serving God, serving others, and sharing the Gospel was sharpened. Ultimately, I was left wondering how I could pursue both pharmacy and serving the Lord.

I could not have found a more perfect place to think through these questions than the Second Presbyterian Fellows Program (also known as 2PC) in Memphis, TN. I first heard about this program during my internship in Memphis at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital last summer. The Fellows Program is a nine-month leadership development and training program to help young Christian leaders “start well” as they embark into the marketplace and equip them to “integrate their Christian worldview into their future vocations and in all areas of their lives.” Through the Fellows Program at 2PC, I will have a professional job (hopefully working at a hospital!), take seminary classes, and volunteer with one ministry the church is involved with. After going through the application process, praying, and discerning what the next step would be, I was ecstatic when I learned I had been accepted into the 2PC Fellows Program and I eagerly accepted a spot! The following is a link to a video that explains the Fellow Program extremely well in just a few minutes:

I honestly believe this is a great opportunity to grow and honor the Lord not just for the next few months, but for the rest of my life. My next year as a Fellow is about serving the Lord and learning to serve Him well for the rest of my life in all that I do. I have no doubt that this program will refine me in ways I cannot yet imagine, both spiritually and intellectually, so I can continue pursuing pharmacy knowing how to serve the Lord faithfully with my profession and my time.

Please pray for me as I move to Memphis and seek to be a small part of God’s hands and feet by serving the city of Memphis. I also invite you to prayerfully consider supporting me financially. In order for me to participate in the 2PC Fellows Program, I need to support raise $5,500 by September 2, 2016. My room and board will be graciously covered by my host family and my day-to-day living expenses will be covered by my professional job placement in Memphis, but along with the 12 other Fellows, I will need to raise money to cover the academic seminary classes, bible studies, books, retreats, conferences, and other administrative fees.

 I would love to grab lunch and tell you more about what my next year will look like! I am thrilled to call Memphis my soon to be home. I would love to share what is going on throughout my year with you, so please send me your email so I can keep you updated on all that I am doing in Memphis!




All checks may be made payable to Second Presbyterian Church and can be given to me or mailed to:

Second Presbyterian Church

Attn: Fellows Program

4055 Poplar Ave

Memphis, TN 38111

OR you can click this –> 2PCFellowCA, to donate using PayPal!